Lantree Properties, Inc.

Paper Mill Village
1. All deliveries or shipments of any kind to and from the Demised Premises, including loading of goods, may be made the way of the front of the Demised Premises or at any other location designated by Landlord.
2. Garbage and refuse shall be kept in the trash containers specified by the Landlord and shall be placed at the location within the Demised Premises or Project designated by the Landlord.  If Landlord does not provide janitorial or similar cleaning service, Tenant shall pay the cost of removal of garbage and refuse.  Tenant shall store soiled or dirty linen in approved “UL” or similar fire rating organization containers and medical waste, if any, in separately labeled EPD approved plastic containers containing a “Hazardous Waste” identification mark.
3. No radio, television, phonograph, or similar device requiring an aerial antenna attached thereto outside the Demised Premises shall be installed without first obtaining in each instance the written consent of the Landlord and if such consent is given, no such devise shall be used in a manner so as to be heard, seen, produce heat, or emit electromagnetic radiation outside of the Demised Premises.
4. Tenant, if tenant has a thermostat located in the Premises, shall keep the Demised Premises at a temperature sufficiently high to prevent freezing of water pipes and fixtures inside the Demised Premises.
5. Outside areas immediately adjoining the Demised Premises shall be kept clean of dirt and rubbish by Tenant.  Tenant shall not place, store, suffer or permit any obstruction or merchandise in such areas.
6. Tenant shall not use the public or common areas in the Property for business purposes except for parking, loading and unloading.  Any and all other purposes shall be with written consent by the Landlord.
7. Tenants and its employees shall park their cars only in the portions of the parking area, if so designated, for that purpose by the Landlord.
8. Plumbing facilities shall not be used for any other purpose than that for which they are constructed, and no foreign substance of any kind shall be thrown in.
9. Tenant shall use, at Tenant's cost, a pest extermination contractor with sufficient frequency to keep the Demised Premises reasonably free of pests.
10. Tenant shall not burn trash or garbage in or about the Premises, the Property or within one mile of the outside radius of the Property.
11. Tenant, if Tenant controls their HVAC within the Premises, agrees at all times to maintain the heating and air conditioning in the Demised Premises in good repair.