Lantree Properties, Inc.

Paper Mill Village, Building 202
Announcing  202 Village Parkway Office Building. On approximately 1.1 acres, this 11,500 square foot of office building is located in the highly popular Paper Mill Village Office Park near Johnson Ferry Road at the intersection of Paper Mill Road. Minutes for the North Central Office market, yet conveniently located in East Cobb County. 
The building features 10' ceilings and clear span floors without obstructions. A highly efficient design eliminates wasted space and the all electric, individually metered suites provided for uninterrupted use 7 days a week. The building features an weather protected heated and cooled outdoor common elevator guarantying handicap accessibility well into the future. The traditional brick and shingle roof design continues the Architectural traditions of Paper Mill Village with modern commercial construction and safety requirements

Architectural Drawings

Download Architectural Cover Sheet, Page (173k)
Download Floor Plan, Page A-1.0 (212k)
Download Architectural Elevations, Page A-3.0 (255k)
Download Architectural Sections, Page A-4.0 (247k)
Download Architectural Details, Page A-4.1 (285k)
Download Architectural Details, Page A-4.2 (254k)
Download Architectural Elevator & Stairs, Page A-5.0 (274k)
Download Architectural Doors & Windows, Page A-6.0 (198k)
Download Architectural Glazing Details, Page A-6.1 (201k)
Download Site Certification, Page C-1.0 (316k)
Download Roof Details, Page C-2.0 (210k)
Download Electrical Floor Plan, Page E-1.0 (305k)
Download Lighting Plan, Page E-2.0 (164k)
Download Mechanical Floor Plan, Page M-1.0 (154k)
Download Mechanical Floor Plan, Page M-2.0 (138k)
Download Plumbing Floor Plan, Page P-1.0 (150k)
Download Structural Details, Page S-1.0 (461k)
Download Structural Floor Plan, Page S-2.1 (224k)
Download Structural Sections, Page S-2.2 (219k)
Download Concrete Sections, Page S-3.1 (268k)
Download Structural Decking & Roofing, Page S-3.2 (163k)
Download Land Disturbance Permit (8k)

Civil Drawings

Download Civil Cover Sheet, Page (1,981k)
Download Zoning Restrictions (2,514k)
Download Site Plan (2086k)
Download Grading Plan (2,275k)
Download Utility Plan (285k)
Download Storm Sewer Profiles(1,123k)
Download Erosion Control Initial Phase (2,075k)
Download Erosion Control Intermediate Phase (2,406k)
Download Erosion Control Final Phase (2,769k)
Download Tree Protection Plan (3,216k)
Download Erosion Control Notes (3,216k)
Download Erosion Control Details (2,331k)
Download Erosion Control Details (1,367k)
Download Site Details (1,927k)
Download Water Details (1,451k)
Download Sanitary Sewer Details (1,589k)
Download Storm Sewer Details (1,827k)
Download Bio-Retention Plan (2,026k)
Download Bio-Retention Landscape Plan (1,526k)

For information, call: Pete Watson (678)-244-5700