Lantree Properties, Inc.

Paper Mill Village, Building 4000
Announcing  135 Johnson Ferry Road, Building 4000. Approximately 0.5 acres, 3,500 square feet of office space, zoned O & I. Over 150 feet of frontage along Johnson Ferry Road at the cross street of Mulberry Drive and Johnson Ferry Road. The intersection features a traffic signal with left turning lane arrow for turns in both directions of intersection on a street  that sees more than 50,000 cars a day. 

Construction Drawings

Download Architectural Cover Sheet, Page C-1.0 (1,209k)
Download Architectural Elevation, Page A-3.0 (1,318k)
Download Door Schedule, Page A-1.0 (1,483k)
Download Architectural Sections, Page A-4.0 (1,142k)
Download Architectural Sections, Page A-4.1 (1,483k)
Download Electrical Plan, Page E-1.0 (572k)
Download Electrical Plan, Page E-2.0 (1,296k)
Download Structural Floor Plan, Page S-1.0 (777k)
Download Structural Floor Plan, Page S-3.0 (1,599k)
Download Structural Floor Plan, Page S-3.1 (915k)
Download Civil Engineering, Page 1 (2,743k)
Download Civil Site Plan, Page 3 (3,661k)
Download Civil Grading, Page 4 (3,599k)
Download Civil Utility Plan, Page 5 (3,925k)
Download Civil Storm Profiles, Page 6 (2,493k)
Download Civil Erosion Control Initial Phase, Page 7 (3,647k)
Download Civil Erosion Control Intermediate Phase, Page 8 (3,475k)
Download Civil Erosion Control Final Phase, Page 9 (4,347k)
Download Civil Tree Protection, Page 10 (4,560k)
Download Civil Erosion Control Notes, Page 11 (5,506k)
Download Civil Erosion Control Detail, Page 12 (4,226k)
Download Civil Site Details, Page 13 (3,422k)
Download Civil Water Details, Page 14 (2,564k)
Download Civil Storm Sewer Detail, Page 15 (2,713k)
Download Civil Storm Sewer Detail, Page 16 (3,260k)
Download Civil Bio-Detention, Page 17 (3,480k)
Download Civil Landscape Plan, Page 18 (3,548k)
Download Civil Storm Sewer Calculation, Page 19 (2,221k)


For information, call: Pete Watson (678)-244-5700